Port Norfolk Parking Options

Norfolk Norfolk, Virginia has gained immense popularity as a favored starting point for Caribbean cruises, providing an array of thrilling routes and a wide selection of cruise lines. Some of the prominent cruise companies operating from Norfolk include and Carnival Cruise Line. If you're planning to embark on a cruise from Norfolk and traveling by car, it's important to explore your parking options to ensure a smooth start to your vacation. Norfolk, located in southeastern Virginia, is home to a bustling cruise port that offers various parking choices for cruise passengers. The Norfolk Cruise Port is situated at 1 Waterside Drive, in the heart of downtown Norfolk. Getting to the port by car is convenient, as it is easily accessible via major highways such as Interstate 264 and Interstate 64.

On-site Parking

The Norfolk Cruise Port provides onsite parking facilities located within walking distance of the cruise terminals. This option allows you to park your vehicle near the port, ensuring easy access to the ships. Onsite parking is ideal for those who prioritize convenience and prefer to park in close proximity to the port.

Off-site Parking

Offsite parking lots near the Norfolk Cruise Port offer alternative options for parking. These lots, such as Norfolk Cruise Parking and Park N Cruise, provide shuttle services to transport passengers to and from the cruise terminals. Offsite parking can often be more cost-effective, especially for longer cruises.

Hotel Parking

Some hotels in the Norfolk area offer parking packages specifically designed for cruise passengers. These packages typically include accommodation and parking for the duration of your cruise, along with transportation to and from the port. Opting for a hotel package can provide a seamless experience for parking and lodging.

Valet Parking

Valet parking services may be available at select hotels near the Norfolk Cruise Port. This premium service allows you to drop off your vehicle at the hotel's designated valet area, and it will be securely parked for the duration of your cruise. Valet parking offers convenience but may come at a higher price.

RV Parking

Norfolk, Virginia, is a popular destination for cruise enthusiasts, and if you're planning to embark on a cruise from the Norfolk Cruise Port, finding suitable RV parking nearby is essential. While there are no dedicated RV parking lots at the cruise port itself, there are several options available within a reasonable distance. Here's a guide to RV parking in Norfolk near the cruise port.

  • Norfolk International Terminals Parking: The Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) is the main container terminal at the Port of Virginia, located adjacent to the cruise port. While they primarily cater to commercial shipping, they offer limited RV parking in designated areas. Contact the NIT management or visit their website for availability, rates, and reservation information.
  • Commercial RV Parking Lots: Several commercial parking lots in the vicinity of the cruise port cater to RVs. These lots are privately owned and charge a fee for parking. While they may not have specific facilities for RVs, they provide convenient parking options for cruise passengers. Some lots to consider include Parking Lot D and Park 'N Cruise.
  • Campgrounds and RV Parks: If you prefer a more comprehensive RV experience, you can consider staying at nearby campgrounds or RV parks. These options often provide amenities such as full hookups, laundry facilities, and recreational activities. Some popular campgrounds and RV parks in the Norfolk area include North Landing Beach Campground & RV Resort, First Landing State Park, and Newport News Park Campground.
  • State and National Park Options: Norfolk is surrounded by natural beauty, and if you're willing to venture a bit further, you can explore state and national parks in the region. These parks often offer RV camping facilities, although they may require reservations in advance. Some notable options include False Cape State Park, Chippokes Plantation State Park, and Shenandoah National Park.
  • Alternate Overnight Parking: If you're looking for a temporary parking solution for the night before or after your cruise, you can consider contacting local Walmart stores or other large retail outlets. Some of these establishments allow overnight RV parking in their lots. However, it's always a good idea to call ahead and confirm their policy, as rules may vary from location to location.

Before finalizing your RV parking arrangements, it's advisable to check availability and make reservations whenever possible. Additionally, consider factors such as security, proximity to the cruise port, and any additional services or amenities offered by the parking facility. Taking these steps will help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience when parking your RV in Norfolk near the cruise port.

Parking Rates

Parking rates can vary depending on the option you choose. Onsite parking at the Norfolk Cruise Port generally comes at a higher cost, while offsite parking lots and hotel packages offer more budget-friendly alternatives. It's advisable to compare rates and book in advance to secure the best parking option for your cruise.

Arrive early to allow ample time for parking, check-in, and navigating through the port. Have your reservation details readily available for a smoother process. Familiarize yourself with any specific parking instructions and guidelines to avoid any complications or additional fees.



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