Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Quest

The Seabourn Quest, operated by Seabourn, offers an exceptional vacation experience from Miami as it sails through the beautiful waters of the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and Southern Caribbean. As you chart your course across the azure waters of the Bahamas, the Western, Eastern, and Southern Caribbean, or through the monumental Panama Canal, there's no better vessel to host your journey than the Seabourn Quest. This luxury ship, compact in size yet vast in experience, offers an intimate and sumptuous voyage like no other. Every detail aboard the Seabourn Quest is meticulously crafted to ensure an unparalleled cruise experience, creating the perfect blend of modern conveniences and timeless elegance. This floating paradise takes you to extraordinary destinations while offering top-notch amenities designed for your every desire.


Indulge in the epitome of luxury and elegance with Seabourn Cruises as you set sail on an unforgettable Caribbean voyage. Renowned for its exquisite service, intimate ambiance, and world-class amenities, Seabourn Cruises offers a refined and luxurious experience for discerning travelers. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration, Seabourn Cruises delivers an unparalleled Caribbean journey that exceeds expectations.

Onboard Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Quest, a proud member of the high-luxury class of ships, features 11 spacious decks. These thoughtfully designed decks serve as the backdrop to an unforgettable journey for up to 458 privileged guests, each catered to by a dedicated staff of 330. A unique feature of the ship is the exceptional Seabourn Square, a convivial meeting spot which provides a versatile space for guests to mingle and relax. This blend of intimacy and grandeur sets the Seabourn Quest apart from other luxury cruise liners, creating an environment that is both cozy and sophisticated.

Onboard Activities

Every day aboard the Seabourn Quest offers an array of engaging activities. Start your morning with a brisk walk around the Promenade, or enjoy a leisurely breakfast in your suite. Engage in a thought-provoking lecture or workshop, or create a memento of your voyage in Seabourn's unique craft class. Find friendly competition in the Card Room or rejuvenate your senses in the Spa at Seabourn. Your day can be as relaxed or as active as you choose.

Onboard Activities for Kids

While the Seabourn Quest offers an adult-oriented environment, it also ensures memorable experiences for families traveling with children. Seabourn's Club offers a selection of board games, while the library stocks a variety of books and movies suitable for younger guests. The outdoor pool provides an ideal spot for family time, while onshore excursions cater to explorers of all ages.


The Seabourn Quest features two inviting pools. The main pool area, situated on Deck 5, offers ample loungers, a whirlpool, and a bar for refreshments. For a more tranquil setting, the Sky Pool on Deck 11 offers panoramic views of the horizon. Seabourn's Marina days, unique to the Seabourn Quest, offer a variety of water-based activities like water skiing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Spa and Fitness

The Spa at Seabourn, situated aboard the Seabourn Quest, offers an oasis of tranquility and wellness. Inspired by the restorative properties of the sea, the spa offers treatments such as the Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment or the Aroma Stone Therapy. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate Seabourn's state-of-the-art gym and classes like yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi, offering an invigorating workout with a view.

Staterooms and Suites

Aboard the Seabourn Quest, each suite is a sanctuary designed for your comfort and pleasure. Ranging from the 295-square-foot Veranda Suite to the expansive 1,182-square-foot Wintergarden Suite, all staterooms offer ocean views and many boast private verandas. Each room is equipped with a personal suite stewardess, flat-screen TV, and a minibar stocked to your preferences. Single travelers will appreciate Seabourn's carefully designed Single Ocean View Suites.

Dinning Options

Culinary delights aboard the Seabourn Quest mirror the diversity of the Caribbean. Enjoy gourmet dining at The Restaurant, or visit The Colonnade for regionally inspired dishes. Relax at the Patio for casual poolside dining, or take in the stunning views at the Sky Bar while enjoying cocktails crafted to perfection. The Seabourn Quest offers an unrivaled gastronomic adventure.

Nightlife and Antertaiment

When the Caribbean sun sets, the Seabourn Quest comes alive with an array of nighttime entertainment. Dance the night away at The Club, test your luck in the casino, or enjoy a variety of performances in the Grand Salon. From comedy shows to classical recitals, there’s entertainment to suit every mood and preference.

Onboard Facilities

The Seabourn Quest offers an array of facilities to enhance your journey. Stay connected in Seabourn's Business Center, shop for luxury brands and souvenirs in Seabourn's Boutique, or browse the art collection that adorns the ship. Each facility and service has been designed with your needs in mind, to ensure a seamless journey from start to finish.

Off-board Excursions

The Seabourn Quest offers a range of immersive excursions tailored to your interests. In the Bahamas, explore the underwater world with a snorkeling adventure. Discover the rich history of the Eastern Caribbean with a visit to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua. From the Western Caribbean, explore the fascinating Mayan ruins in Mexico. In the Southern Caribbean, experience the vibrant cultures of Grenada, known as the ‘Isle of Spice’.

Seabourn Quest Cruise Schedule 2024-2025

The journey aboard the Seabourn Quest is about more than visiting picturesque destinations. It’s about immersing yourself in diverse cultures, relishing delectable cuisines, and creating a treasure trove of memories. With a blend of adventure and relaxation, the Seabourn Quest provides the perfect setting to discover the magic of the Caribbean. So, let the allure of the sea guide you, and step aboard the Seabourn Quest for a cruise that’s nothing short of extraordinary.