Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss

The Norwegian Bliss, operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, offers an exceptional vacation experience from Miami as it sails through the beautiful waters of the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and Southern Caribbean. Unveiling the splendor of the Caribbean and Bahamas, the Norwegian Bliss from Norwegian Cruise Line delivers an extraordinary voyage unlike any other. This spectacular vessel, famed for its luxurious design and state-of-the-art features, offers an unforgettable journey through the crystal-clear waters of the Western Caribbean, the historic charm of the Eastern Caribbean, the tropical wonders of the Southern Caribbean, or the iconic beauty of the Panama Canal. The ship's magnificent size and superior amenities reflect the enchanting destinations it graces, transforming each cruise into a captivating exploration of both the sea and land.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Caribbean. As one of the leading cruise lines in the industry, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a diverse range of itineraries and an exceptional reputation for providing a fun, relaxed, and freestyle cruising experience. Whether you're seeking a luxurious escape, a family-friendly vacation, or an adventure-packed journey, Norwegian Cruise Line caters to all preferences and budgets, making it a top choice for Caribbean cruises.

Onboard Norwegian Bliss

Cruising across the Bahamas and the Caribbean seas, the Norwegian Bliss offers an unmatched cruising experience. Belonging to the Breakaway Plus class, the Bliss spans 20 decks and can accommodate 4,004 guests. Its dedicated crew of 1,716 guarantees exceptional onboard services. The ship's most iconic feature is the exhilarating Race Track, the largest at sea. A journey on the Norwegian Bliss promises to be an exciting adventure of luxury and entertainment.

Onboard Activities

Every day onboard the Norwegian Bliss is a celebration of life at sea. From Broadway-style shows in the Bliss Theater to art auctions and wine tastings, there's a wide array of activities designed to delight every guest. The Caribbean cruises are further enhanced with tropical-themed parties, music festivals on deck, and a range of engaging activities embodying the spirit of these sun-kissed destinations.

Onboard Activities for Kids

Children aboard the Norwegian Bliss are in for a treat, with a myriad of exciting activities designed just for them. The Splash Academy offers a range of creative and educational programs, while the Guppies Nursery provides a safe and fun environment for Norwegian youngest guests. From video games at the Video Arcade to sports competitions, the ship promises a world of fun for children on Caribbean cruises.


The heart of the Norwegian Bliss’s water world is the grand Oasis Pool, surrounded by hot tubs and plenty of lounging space. Additionally, the ship hosts an adventurous Aqua Park, including two multistory waterslides, offering a delightful and refreshing respite under the Caribbean sun. The Waterfront, an innovative quarter-mile oceanfront promenade, adds an extra layer of water-based enjoyment to the cruise experience.

Spa and Fitness

The Mandara Spa on the Norwegian Bliss offers a sanctuary of wellness at sea, complemented by a comprehensive Fitness Center. With treatments such as hot stone massages and detoxifying ocean wraps, the spa experience is designed to echo the tranquility of the Caribbean. The Fitness Center offers a variety of workout classes and modern gym equipment, allowing guests to stay fit while enjoying the stunning ocean views.

Staterooms and Suites

Accommodation options on the Norwegian Bliss are designed to cater to every preference. From the cozy and well-appointed Inside Staterooms to the luxurious Haven Suites with private balconies, each room type offers a blend of comfort and style. The ship also features Studio cabins for solo travelers and spacious Family Oceanview rooms, ensuring every guest experiences an ideal blend of relaxation and panoramic sea vistas.

Dinning Options

Aboard the Norwegian Bliss, every meal is a culinary journey. The ship boasts a variety of dining venues, from the specialty seafood restaurant Ocean Blue to the exquisite tastes of Le Bistro French restaurant. A variety of bars and lounges, such as The District Brew House and Sugarcane Mojito Bar, serve popular and innovative drinks, adding a flavorful twist to your Caribbean journey.

Nightlife and Antertaiment

The nightlife on Norwegian Bliss offers a taste of the Caribbean's vibrant spirit. Singles, couples, families, and friends can enjoy everything from high-energy dance parties at Spice H2O to live performances at the Social Comedy & Night Club. Every night presents a new opportunity for fun and relaxation, enriched by the magical Caribbean ambiance.

Onboard Facilities

The Norwegian Bliss ensures a pleasant and convenient journey with its wide range of onboard facilities. With an expansive shopping area offering a variety of shops, guests can find everything from souvenirs and luxury goods to everyday essentials. Whether you're looking for a keepsake to remember your Caribbean cruise or simply want to browse the latest fashion, the ship's shops cater to your every need.

Off-board Excursions

Norwegian Bliss offers a variety of exciting shore excursions, designed to reveal the essence of every destination. Explore the underwater wonderland of the Bahamas with a snorkeling adventure, delve into the historic charm of San Juan in the Eastern Caribbean, uncover Mayan history in Cozumel of the Western Caribbean, or explore the lush rainforests of the Southern Caribbean's St. Lucia. Each excursion adds a new layer of excitement to your Caribbean journey.

Norwegian Bliss Cruise Schedule 2024-2025

Sailing with Norwegian Bliss is more than just a Caribbean cruise, it's an immersive journey through a sea of adventure, relaxation, and indulgence. Each day on the ship is a treasure chest of moments waiting to be discovered, reflecting the beauty and charm of the Caribbean and Bahamas. So step aboard the Norwegian Bliss, where every voyage is a blissful journey into a world of unforgettable experiences.